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Providing rural water to North Central South Dakota for over 30 years.

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Secure Shutoff Program

Do you have a lake property? Are you leaving for the winter? Or maybe you have a livestock service? Then this program is for you!

What is it?

  • The Secure Shutoff Program is available to any Member who would like their service securely shut off for a requested period of time.
  • The service will be shut off with a WEB lock and the service valve will be closed.
  • The Member will continue to pay the monthly minimum on the account.
  • The Member may begin receiving water by notifying the WEB Water office at least 3 business days in advance of the date water is needed.
  • If the Member is not on site when the water is turned on, the lock will be removed, but the angle valve will remain closed in the meter pit. It will be up to the Member to turn on the angle valve in the meter pit.
  • A service call fee of $70 plus tax will be charged to shut off the service, but no fee to unlock if during normal business hours with an advance notice of 3 business days.

How Do I Sign Up?

Please complete the Lock-off Form and return to WEB Water.

Email your completed form to:

Or mail to:
WEB Water Development Associaton, Inc.
PO Box 51
Aberdeen, SD 57402-0051

Service Inquiry

Those who wish to inquire about WEB Water service can fill out the request form. Once the form is completed, a member of our member services or billing team will contact you with the next steps in the process. If you have any questions, please call 605-229-4749.
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Monthly Billing Preference
If you would like to receive your monthly WEB Water bill via email, please choose one of the options below and list your email address. Members are solely responsible for updating their email address with WEB Water if changes occur. Emailed bills that payments are not received for are the sole responsibility of the member. If you would still like a paper copy of your bill along with an emailed copy, please select the "Paper & Email" option. Note: if you select the "Email Only" option, you will NOT receive a paper bill my mail.
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Update Member Contact Information

This information is very important during an outage or other times WEB may need to reach you. Please complete this form to update your contact information. Please call the WEB Water office at 605-229-4749 with questions.