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2022 Scholarship applications are now open.

WEB Water Development Association Scholarship Program

1. Complete the application form (attach additional sheets if necessary).
* Remember to sign & date the form and have your parent or guardian sign & date as well.

2. Enclose a copy of your most recent academic transcript or report card. Winners will also be asked to provide a recent photo (color or black & white). Please do not send a photo with your application.

3. Enclose a copy of your ACT and/or SAT scores if you have them.

4. You will need to interview three individuals – one person age 60+, one person age 21-59, and one person age 12-20 – and summarize their opinions concerning “the impact of rural water on their life”. Each person should be referenced by first name, gender, and age only.    

5. Enclose details of the following:
(1) your high school activities and accomplishments,
(2) community service you have performed,
(3) your special interests and hobbies,
(4) your work history,
(5) your career goals and dreams,

6. Enclose letters of reference from the following:  
(1) teacher or counselor,
(2) employer (if applicable),
(3) and an adult in the community who knows you and has worked with you on community activities

7. Return the completed application packet as directed with proof of WEB Water membership no later than 4:30pm on Friday, April 1, 2022. 

  • If you are a student of a WEB Water member who receives water service at a rural residence, rural farm, pasture tap, or cabin, your family receives a monthly water bill.  You need to provide us with your Account Number (found on the WEB Water bill in the pink box) AND the name and address of the person the water bill is addressed to (found on the left side of the perforation on the WEB Water bill).
  • If you are a student of a WEB Water customer who receives water from a Town/Bulk User that gets its water supply from WEB Water, you need to provide us the mailing address where you reside.
  • Students of WEB Water employees or students of the WEB Water Board of Directors are not eligible for this scholarship program.

Please return documents via mail or email to:

WEB Water Development Association, Inc.
Attn: Kayla DeGroot, HR
PO Box 51
Aberdeen,SD 57402-0051

Please note: All scholarship entries are confidential and will only be viewed by authorized WEB Water staff and the scholarship panel.  Applications must be as complete as possible to be considered.

Download scholarship applicationDownload scholarship Scoring Guide