• WEB Water Treatment Plant – “Heart” of the WEB Water System


    Phase I of the Treatment Plant was constructed in 1984 by Barbarossa and Sons Inc., Osseo, MN. Phase II was constructed in 1988 by Kyburtz Construction, Aberdeen, SD. Phase III was constructed in 2009 by Rice Lake Construction, Deerwood, MN. Phase I and II of the plant had a capacity of 7.7 million gallons per day and includes 6 settling basins, 6 filters, 2 raw water reservoirs, 3 clear water reservoirs, 3 settlement beds and a fully equipped lab and control room. Phase I and II capacity were increased to 8.7 million gallons per day by adding plate settlers in 2005. Phase III added treatment capacity of 5 million gallons per day for a total treatment capacity of 13.5 million gallons per day.