• July 2018 Newsletter



  • November 2017 Newsletter


    In this issue you’ll find the 2017 Annual Meeting Agenda and candidate biographies for District 6 Rural Director. Please make note that the Annual Meeting is on Friday, December 1st at theRead More

  • October 2017 Newsletter


    In this newsletter you’ll find the 2017 WEB Water High School Scholarship Recipients, a message from the General Manager and more. Also, mark your calendars for the 2017 Annual Meeting. ReadRead More

  • July 2017 Newsletter


    In this issue, you’ll get the latest message from the General Manager Angie Hammrich, the Consumer Confidence Report (CCR), the Meter Transmission Unit (MTU) updates & the Drain Tile Policy.Read More

  • November 2016 Newsletter


    In this issue read up on the Agenda for the Annual Meeting to be held on Saturday, December 3, the Director positions and our condolences to the family of Director Arnie Goldade.Read More

  • October 2016 Newsletter


    Learn about the progress of the Automatic Read Project. Also, mark your calendars for the 2016 Annual Meeting.

  • July 2016 Newsletter


    In this issue is the Annual Water Quality Report on pages 14-15. Also within this month’s newsletter, learn how to manage your lawn to protect water quality, get tips on summerRead More

  • March 2016 Newsletter


    Meet our new General Manager, Angie Hammrich. She has served as Business Manager since 2008, and has just recently been selected for this new role. Also don’t forget to takeRead More

  • October 2015 Newsletter


    Learn about SCADA, discover what it means to be, not just a customer, but a member of your rural water system, find out what landed Water/Wastewater Treatment Plant and SystemRead More

  • July 2015 Newsletter


    In this issue learn what makes a water tower, review the latest consumer confidence report and meet Shane Phillips, one of WEB Water’s newest employees. Read Newsletter.